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Quantum Engineering

Deploy to a distant moon to construct futuristic factories and harvest dark matter. · By Droog71


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Update 11/11/2019
Fixed drop in frame rate when build large walls or platforms caused by delayed combined mesh functions. Fixed dark matter collection rocket potentially passing...
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Hotfix 11/04/2019
Fixed Mac build incorrectly uploaded to Windows channel. Re-uploaded Linux and Mac builds to ensure all channels have the correct version...
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Update 11/04/2019
Fixed blocks sometimes incorrectly considered part of a collapsing wall when a block below is falling. Added help videos for rail carts, storage computers and n...
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Update 10/28/2019
Fixed player sometimes dropping into the block below them when the block is checking whether or not a duplicate block exists at it's location...
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Update 10/27/2019
Fixed extruder piston animation bug...
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Deploy to a distant moon to construct futuristic factories and harvest dark matter.
Physics and Power Generation
Physics All blocks in Quantum Engineering are now affected by gravity. Horizontal platforms must have vertical supports every 40 blocks. Unsupported structures...
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Update 10/09/2019
Fixed: Autocrafter not capable of crafting smelters. Fixed: Splitting of item stacks in inventory slot 10 (via left shift + click) removing all items from that...
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Update 10/02/2019
Fixed auto-crafter connecting to other auto-crafter machines when placed. Fixed control+click not properly checking inventory space when transferring items. Fix...
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