Update 05/29/2021

Fixed dedicated server not starting with scene 0.

Adding networking for blocks destroyed by hazards to keep worlds synchronized in multiplayer games.

Added networking for item entities.

Added wildlife and ambient sounds on Kepler-452b.

Fixed leaves not casting shadows on Kepler-452b.

Fixed AddressManager coroutines not running during world initialization.

Moved sun position vector for solar panels on Gliese 876 to line up with the actual sun you can see on the sky-box.

Removed unused network functions for paint gun.

Fixed incorrect menu size for paint gun color selection.

Disabled pain gun in multiplayer.


quantum-engineering-linux-universal.zip 864 MB
Version 1.1.9 May 29, 2021
quantum-engineering-mac.zip 843 MB
Version 1.1.9 May 29, 2021
quantum-engineering-windows-universal.zip 830 MB
Version 1.1.9 May 29, 2021

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