Physics and Power Generation


All blocks in Quantum Engineering are now affected by gravity. Horizontal platforms must have vertical supports every 40 blocks. Unsupported structures will  collapse. Bricks and glass are often destroyed from impact when falling. Iron and steel blocks are not destroyed and can be retrieved.

Building System

The building system in Quantum Engineering has been improved. Block rotation and axis alignment are now separate key bindings. The default bindings are R to rotate a block and V to snap to the 6 possible axis directions around an existing block. When building structures, it is important to remember that the bracket keys can be used to increase how many blocks will be placed in the designated direction (up to 100). The block placement reticle is now transparent and shows which direction the block will be facing when it is placed. Some bugs with the build system have also been fixed, making the overall experience smoother and more responsive.

Power Generation

Coal powered generators and nuclear reactor turbines have been added in this update. The addition of reactor turbines changes how nuclear reactors are utilized. Nuclear reactors are now used solely to drive reactor turbines. These turbines must be directly attached to the reactor and the reactor will require a heat exchanger providing 5 KBTU cooling per turbine. Reactor turbines must be directly attached to a properly functioning, adequately cooled nuclear reactor. Coal powered generators produce 10 MW of power and reactor turbines produce 100 MW of power per turbine. This means a single nuclear reactor is technically capable of producing a total of 600 MW if adequate cooling is provided.

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